but it's metalchoir xD
i mixed it up with screamo although i didn't want to
and i ****ed the outro.
if anyone has any suggestions.. please, tell me!

and...uh..yeah. enjoy!
or at least try to enjoy.
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It's definitely none of the genres you've mentioned. It sounds more Progressive and I actually really like this. The chords work on the bottom strings nicely (well to me they do) , except for the '16' on the high string, that sounded out of key.
hmmmm... It did sound a little progressive and there was one riff in there that i like cuz it kinda reminded me of opeth but i thought the song was a little slow.
Well ll I can say is that the opening riff is pretty good. And the bassline at 139 is VERY good. But the rest of the song made no sense at all. Just like your description.

Uh.... Crit mine? The bottom one in my sig would do just fine.
I'm a person.
I Did not like it.

This was a waste of my 2gb Download Limit.


It was good. I Loved the lead parts.

thanks for the crits! :]
and i think did not stay in the key in the lead parts.. but i got no idea for a correct version :s
hello bumped thread

this is awesome
i would also call it progressive, but it's interesting to me how it sounds so proggy but is actually pretty simple
tool comes to mind, as does death circa sound of perseverance
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