I just got the amplitube Jimi Hendrix edition(trial version) on my laptop. I'm plugging my guitar into my microphone port in the front of my laptop. I'm not sing the built in laptop speakers but im using some other speakers (right left and sub) that we got from a local store. So lets get back to the point. I plugged in the guitar and the speakers and then opened up amplitube. Played and got no sound. I went to the sound settings (on amplitube) and yes i did set the speakers up to work. Still no sound. Any suggestions? And is there any software i can get to use that works like amplitube but is free? I do not have a stump box or effects pedal i do not plan on getting one. I found some software called guitar fx, but i couldn't get it to work ether. Please help me if you can!!!

Thanks, Taylor
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do guitars work in the mic port? mine only works in the line in jack, and a lot of laptops don't have a line-in jack.
Try connecting your guitar to the line in jack. If you haven't got one, buy an external USB sound card for your laptop, or one of those USB interfaces - without one, Amplitube's gonna have lots of latency anyway.

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I've used a line in jack with no ill effects though you need ASIO4Aall to get the latency down. Behringer make a cheap little audio interface (the UCA202) which will do the job nicely.
yea ive heard about asio4all. what do i do to get it. does it work on all computers
"everything happens for a reason"