i've got power tab
on some of the tabs i've got, they have used tremolo picking
However, i can't seem to do the tremolo picking without it sounding like crap
if some1 can help me or give me a tip on how to do it, i'd appreciate it

P.s. Please, nothing nasty
It just takes practice, it's actually one of the easiest techniques to effectively nail.

Angle the pick against the string very slighty, try different feelings, it will eventually come.
choke the pick right down

relax your hand and focus on just moving your thump and picking finger

and find a way of comfortably anchoring your hand

and practise

only took me about a week to get it

good little riff to practise is the solo from "time is running out" by muse
This probably isnt a very good tip, but when I use tremelo picking I :
Hold the pick in the position I hold it in and really lay into the strings, its like allternative picking but at high speeds.
I can't slove the whole sound of it, as I use lots of grungy overdirive and loads of wah when I ever use it . Try and think of it as more of a sound rather than a technique
just practice with a metronom very slowly, and then you turn up the speed..
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try alternating picking on the high E this pattern-

keeping your index finger on 5 the whole time, then assigning each of your other fingers to a different fret.
i.e 2nd finger(6) 3rd finger (7) pinkie(8)

the way i got fast at it was start slowly with alternate picking then once u get comfortable with it and speed up..
Good advice here. Practice picking smooth and even at a slower speed, then work your way up. Choking down on the pick, as well as holding it at an angle will help you build up speed quicker. The big key is to RELAX. The big problem with lots of people when they tremolo pick is they confuse a steady hand with a tense hand, tension will make tremolo picking sound choppy and terrible.

Anchoring works for some, but not for everyone, the same goes for picking motion, some prefer to use their thumb and finger for the motion, and some prefer to use their wrist. Some use their elbow, but I think that's a little excessive, and not very comfortable, or natural.

Just practice tremolo picking for 5 or 10 minutes a day, using the advice that people have given you here, and in a week or two you'll have it down pat.
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Quote by AngusX

Just practice tremolo picking for 5 or 10 minutes a day, using the advice that people have given you here, and in a week or two you'll have it down pat.

To add:

Practice for a bit (15 min or so) then stop. Put your guitar down, surf the pit or whatever for a couple minutes then go back to practicing. Taking short breaks helps so very much. It keeps your muscles fresh. Also, if you feel pain, tension, or discomfort, stop immediately and take a break.