ok so i gotta get somethings outta the way first i live in melbourne australia in the dandenong area (this may be important to the question i duno)

alright so i was on youtube today and saw that heaps of people have rip offs of matt bellamy's guitar effects and i want to get a fuzz factory installed (http://www.mansons.co.uk/shopping/categories/guitar-modification-parts-and-accessories/z-vex/vextor-fuzz-factory one of these)

but how would i go about getting it installed?
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Why...? I mean it will be cool and all at first, but you'll be happier with it on your board in the long run.
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it would probably involve alot of routing and stuff, its alot easier to have it on your pedal board
unless you really plan to go town with knob turning, just put it on your pedal board. that's where mine is and I'm a big Bellamy fan.
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The Ballamy-esque Fuzz Factory noodling is pretty annoying, to be honest.

If you're going to get something so obnoxious, please don't put it in your guitar...
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