Yeah i have a very cheap look Epiphone Les Paul Special II and i wanna snazzy it up a little. The main reason im doing this coz most guides on the net are rubbish and confusing, i just want to know if its possible or easy.

Please rate these things in difficulty and how to do them if relatively easy:

1. Changing pickup cover from open to closed (Adding of a cover basically)
2. Changing tuners
3. Changing stopbar and bridge
4. Changing the pickup ring
5. Changing the volume/tone knobs
This belongs in the GB&C area, it's much more helpful.

1. Fairly awkward really, you might as well buy a new set of pickups.
2. Easy, unscrew the old ones and put the new ones on, just make sure you get the right sizes.
3. It's easy, they come off when the strings are took off anways.
4. Simply screws off when you take the pickup out.
5. They'll pop off if you use a knife underneath it, but put a cloth on the guitar to avoid damage to the finish.
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why would you want to sink that kind of time and cash into a cheap guitar? just save up and buy a better one. (not to sound like a dick im just sayin)
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OK... all of those are insanely easy, especially when compared to reshaping a neck or repainting, but here it goes.

Easiest: 1. Changing the knobs - This is really just buy new knobs, pull off the old (grab and pull away from the guitar, it is as easy as it sounds) then push on the new.

2. Changing the tuners - take off the strings, use a wrench to unscrew the nut on the front of the headstock, then use a small screwdriver to remove the screw(s) on the back of the tuners, a rubber mallet might help to remove them if they are stuck, then put on the new tuners.

3. pickup covers and/or rings - buy new rings/covers remove the strings, unscrew the 4 screws on the corners of the pickup rings, lift pickups out of the body, unscrew the screws on either side of the ring (the center 2 that were left from before) place the cover over the pickup, and install the pickup in the new ring, be careful though, it is a little tricky to get it done right, make sure you take notice of the spring that rests between the ring and the mounting hole on the pickup and plan accordingly.

4. Bridge/stop bar - this is the trickiest here simply because of all the crap you have to do because of it. changing the bridge and stop bar is as easy as taking the strings off, lifting off the bridge, and sliding off the stop bar, but, if you install new bushings (the bolts the bridge sits on) you will need to fix your string height, and you will need to intone your guitar with the new bridge. Both of which can easily be done by a local tech, for a slight price. UG also has guides on intonation, but i'm not so sure about string height, PM me if you need a step by step and i'll tell you how to do it.
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why would you want to sink that kind of time and cash into a cheap guitar? just save up and buy a better one. (not to sound like a dick im just sayin)

epiphones arnt that bad, and I customized a Squire when I first started playing. It's a quick and cheap way to upgrade you gear when you dont have money for a new guitar.

PS go to guitarfetish.com for the parts you need, they are the best around. And, you should also look into pickups there, I have GFS' in 2 of my guitars and love them. My metal guitar, a BC Rich Virgo, has the Loudmouth model, and my Blues/jazz guitar, an xaviere bought at guitar fetish, has Crunchy PATS
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