So...I want to get either a Toneport GX or UX1. I can afford both, but the question is, is the UX1 worth the extra money? Or should I put the other money towards something else?
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go with the ux1. A much better system because it has a mic input too. Also, the GX doesn't have a headphone jack, does it?

Don't expect to do anything other than making simple demos with a toneport though. It DOES have good quality but it just can't do much more than record guitar, bass, and vocals.
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If you want vocals, go with the UX1. If you don't, stay with the GX and add amp packs. Maybe you can find a used Pod 2.0 and get even more sounds for the price.
I've already got a Pod 2.0, but is it possible to record vocals with the GX at all?
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Yes, a preamp is essential to getting the right mic levels (since their signals are quite weak). ART makes very good ones at a low price. I'm not 100% sure if it can connect to your Pod...there's no reason not to try first. Get an XLR-TRS (aka 1/4") cable, and connect from the preamp to the input of your Pod. If that doesn't work, the GX should (it mentions that its input can do both, and it comes with Mike preamp models, which I'm guessing will artificially boost and color the signal. If you want condenser microphones, a preamp is needed for the phantom power).
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