GIBSON les paul Custom, Or Epiphone Lp custom with EMG'S ??

The gibson being over £2000...
The Ep with emg's being £650....

Thats a ton of cash to shell out for a gibby custom. I have an epi custom because it was affordable. Its a great guitar, and I have no regrets with buying it. I would have regrets after buying that gibby though because it would put me so far back money wise.
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In all honesty? Neither if you want value for money in the UK. If you've potentially got upwards of a grand you'd be better off looking custom-made.
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putting emgs in a gibson lp custom makes me sad
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I got a Gibson Classic LP that came with EMGs. They make me happy It's not a Custom, I suppose.

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putting emgs in a gibson lp custom makes me sad
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In all honesty? Neither if you want value for money in the UK. If you've potentially got upwards of a grand you'd be better off looking custom-made.
I sort of agree with this, though I'd up the rate. I would say the 'custom made' benchmark should start at a little under two grand, not a bit over one grand. I just wouldn't trust the build quality of any custom made guitar that cost under £1700 or so, and even then I'd be wary.

But yeah, the general rule is, if you've got enough money to be shelling out for the Gibson Custom (which is hilariously overpriced considering it's just a Standard with different binding - even the difference between the Epi Custom and Epi Standard is larger than that), skip buying a stock model at all and get somthing made just for you, or, buy a slightly cheaper stock model (such as a Gibson Standard or Classic LP), and spend the money you've saved on additional upgrades, such as changing the pickups (something that needs to be done on all of Gibson's production Les Paul models unless you want sucky tone), changing the pots and having it re-wired, etc. Or hell, spend the extra money on a couple of pedals, or put it towards a new amp head or something - you'll be happier that way than if you'd spent all your money on the one stock Gibson.

And trust me, this is coming from someone who has a couple of stock mid and high-end Gibsons, a few of their low-ends, plus some mid and high-end Epiphones, and a couple of custom guitars on order. The higher-end stock production Gibsons are not worth it. Either you buy cheaper and mod it, have a custom made from scratch, or you save up another thousand and go right to the Gibson Custom Shop itself. The high-end production Gibsons, just like the low-end production Gibsons, are a pointless 'stopping point', and a waste of money.
I know a guy who owns a Gibson LP custom. I don't think there's anywhere near enough difference between that and my Epiphone version to warrant an extra £1.5k - a Classic would be better (and cheaper) if you're looking for hi output p-ups.
That guy spends more time playing his LP jr than his custom - enough said.
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Overall length, including the strap button: 40"; Scale length: 24.7"
Bridge pole spacing is 3", and the Tail piece pole spacing is 3 1/4"
Width at the widest point: 13"
Body thickness 2" at edge
Actual Weight is only 10 lbs
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