I have a large access to Beech, Oak, and Cherry. I was wondering if any of these could be used to make a body or neck. Thanks
cherry is good for bodies, and maybe a centerpiece in a neck with some other woods. the others i dont know about, probably too soft. make sure its dried wood, kiln dried, or atleast been sitting for 2 years as lumber. 6-8% moisture content
I'm using cherry in my build now. It's a bit splintery, but it's really pretty. Beech of heard of being used before. Oak could be good, but it's extremely splintery to work with, a big pain.
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I've seen all of those woods used before. beech on a body oak on a neck and cherry on a body. I wouldnt recommend an oak neck though, but its possible.
Beech body with a cherry top!
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