I've been playing for around 3 years now

I started on an acoustic, but soon after I bought an electric guitar and left it for scraps

I play alot of Buckethead stuff if thats of any help

Non-electro, easy access to higher frets if possible

Looking to spend around £50 - £100 incase I decide I dont want it

Well, you wouldn't something great for that price, the guitars under $300 thread might help?
Yamaha actually makes really good guitars. My mom bought one for my dad back in 1981 and it still sounds better than any guitar I pick up at guitar center.
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Yep, Yamaha FG700S is the cheapest and best guitar around. Its truly a really nice guitar.
I believe it's about 115-125 quid so its slightly over your budget but is well worth it. I have yet to play or see any guitar that costs less that is worth it in terms of value for money when compared to the Yamaha. It does even hold its own against some more expensive guitars (when I say this I don't mean guitars that cost triple as much, but I would prefer it over many Ibanez's for double the price, and over many guitars that cost 50quid more).