Hey all I sem to have a problem with my guitar. A couple off weeks ago i was jamming to some Metallica and what happened was that all of a sudden there was barely any noise coming out of the amp. It was as if there was barely any gain on the guitar. I used another guitar and the sound came out perfectly. I plugged the other one back in and barely any noise came out again. I stopped playing and a couple of days later the sound came back. I opened the cavity to see if any wires were loose but they were all soldered correctly. I use a GTX-200 with an HSS combo if that's any help.

I am going to do a show in a couple of days so if anyone can answer ASAP it would be very appreciated.
Yeh i woulda said check the cavity but you already did.
Hmmmm.....make sure ALL wires are connected!!!!
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Are you handy with a solder iron? It's possible that even though all the wires are soldered, one of them is a cold solder joint, and isn't working optimally. Cold solder joints suck, and are unreliable.

Yeah there seems to be one where the wires are soldered onto the volume pot. I'll redo that one all the rest seem to be ok.