Im going to buy a amp microphone to be able to record to my computer.
And have no clue what to get have seen some in the price range between 13- 1300 euro. What price do i aim for to get a decent mic for homerecording?
sure sm57 are a popular choice for close mic-ing. It's a dynamic mic so you wont need phantom power either
The industry standard for amp micing is the Shure SM57, which cost about 65 euro.
Lots of people also like to use Sennheiser mics too (e606, 421 II, etc.) or sometimes even mic the two. Each mic should cost you about the same.

I personally prefer the Sm57. It has alot tighter sound where as the Sennheiser's have a more warm, bassy tone.
oki , do you know what cables i need to connect it to a normal computer soundcard?
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You'll get better levels and sound quality with a USB interface like this, bear in mind.

Yup. A preamp will also be nice.
In fact, my usual advice to people starting desktop recording is to get a USB mic. A typical condenser isn't ideal for close-mic'd guitar, but the Blue Snowball may be just what you're looking for. Dual capsules, and you just plug straight into a USB port with no interface required.
Shure SM57...Just ftw.
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