In general NOS tubes will last much longer than any new production tubes. Other than that, it varies by type. What tube type do you mean?
JAN (Joint Army Navy) designated tubes had to be certified for militay use and withstand a certain degree of rough handeling. Some JAN designated tubes were durable enough in stock format to recieve the JAN designation, some JAN tubes are ruggedized and re-designed specifically to recieve the designation.
Those specs reflect rugedness not burn time tho.
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Quote by modernp
Those specs reflect rugedness not burn time tho.

Right, that's what I thought he was asking about. Oops.
It's just the speaker I have in my amp ATM apparently causes the power tubes to wear out slightly faster; It's an 8Ohm speaker in an amp rated for 16. I just wondered if there were a more hard wearing set of 6L6GCs than the Ruby ones I have in there.