hey I´m looking for a cool overdrive pedal to boost my solo when playing a song

so would be graet if you could give me some tipps
MXR Line Drive, Vox Brit Boost. Those are just two I find interesting. Both have a clean boost and then a gain boost.
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and I play a real fat rock guitar sound almost kinda metal so it´s should be some high gain overdrive
metal muff, awesome Overdrive plus if u kick in the top boost it maes ur solos sound awesome
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build yourself, or get a pre-built BYOC TriBoost...treble booster, clean booster and germanium booster is im not mistaken
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He has an MG100DFX. Few of the things mentioned here will help much.

Does your amp have an effects loop? You could run a clean boost in there...anything like the EH LPB-1 or an MXR clean boost should work fine.
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