He's playing it right in front of you. Just watch and learn.
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yeah ive been trying but im telling you im a really slow learner, sure i could tab this out.. in about 2 years.
maybe thats why. but i also get lost everytime he does a slide or a finger blocks the view of what another finger is doing. if it wasnt youtube i might be able to slow down the vid and figure more out.

actually this is pretty ****ing rad.

i've got driving in the morning and college in the afternoon but i'll do my best to get this for you.
Alright bluddd.

i shouldn't tab stuff so early. it's 3.38

got most of the first phrase down, lead only, rhythm's as close as i can get it. vibrato sounds **** but that's pretty normal. i don't know whether you've got guitar pro or wut so i've pm'd you a link. i'll finish it up tonight.

it's nowhere near done, but this should be a bit to learn so you're ready when it is. if you want rhythm tabbed i can get that to you friday if you want. would be sooner but i've got band prac thurs.

it's not much, but it's something yeah?
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