Okay i've been told to find out how many visible photons are produced per second from a 2 watt lamp and to take the wavelength of each to 5x10^-7m

'Cept the wonderful text book we use, and classes have never covered how to do this, can anyone point me into the right direction? I know the stuff about E=hf and how a watt is just Js^-1 but then im lost
that should help- i remember doing this- but i cant remember all the formulas
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power = energy/time could be helpfull

2 = E/1 so energy is 2 joules

frequency/wavelength = speed of light i think

so frequency is wavelength x speed of light

im just guessing!
about 90% of energy in a light bulb is released as heat...

the two formulas you want are E=hF and P=E/T.