I just have a small question (might sound pretty stupid);

Is it possible to strum really fast with a 1.00 pick? I've heard it should be easier with picks such as 0.70, but I just want to ask, because I use 1.00 as it gives a heavier tone (in my ears anyway).
The best strummer I know uses a heavy pick for everything, no matter what. Right now I'm using a .73, anything thinner feels very sloppy. Even these feel mushy sometimes when I'm picking. It's all in how you hold it. Most newbies like thin picks because they have a death grip on the pick and they don't angle it right, they let the pick flex instead of angling it like they ought to. If you learn to have the right angles and learn to let the pick flop around in your hand without losing control of it, there's no reason why you can't strum with a heavy pick.
i use a 1.00 pick and it actually is easy to alternate pick fast as hell