I bought a 2nd hand Behringer V-TONE GM108 Guitar a few weeks ago, and been playing that, but i think it still has its factory strings on it, as i got it from a pawn shop and it seems like its hardly been used (probably an unwanted Xmas present) ...

I know nothing about strings .. what sort should i buy? my friend suggested 9-42s but i dont know what that means Any help?

Thanks in advance
That's the gauge. 9-42 is really light. I always use 10-46 but really it comes down to personal preference. Everyone always says to use D'addario strings but I've never used them myself.

Really the only way to find what's best is to experiment with different kinds and find what works for you.
if you go into a store that sells strings ask for a 'pack of 9's' you'll probably find them alright... or look on the package and look for a pack that has the thinnest string .09. and the thickest .42. they might have a name for the set, if it's Ernie Ball I think it's Super Slinky.
Er, good luck with that....the 'V-Tone GM108' is a 15W amp!

Anyway, Behingers are most likely set up for 009s so as Cobalt Blue said, just ask for a 'pack of nines'. D'Addario and Ernie Ball are good makes to start with.
hahaha.. well my guitar is the one that comes with that amp .. hahaha..

thanks for responses
Id put some 10's on there. Most guitars ship with 10's so you wouldnt have to adjust anything after replacing them.

also 10s are a good match between tone and playability but every1s got there own preference. For now, Id go with 10s.

You might find out you prefer another gauge later but you should deal with that if it occurs, wehn it occurs.
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A .09 string is one that is 0.09 inches thick. A pack of .09-.42 contains six strings with the thinnest (high e string) being 0.09 inches thick and the thickest (low e string) being 0.42 inches thick. The other strings are somewhere inbetween. Like somebody already said, just go into a shop and ask for a pack of 9's, they'll know what you mean. You can get 10's as well, those are the standard strings on most guitars and theoretically give you a better sound than 9's, though you'll hardly hear any difference. I recommend Fender strings, they sound as good as any other brand and last long considering their price.