I currently play electric guitar, but I am also looking at picking up electric bass as well. Does anyone have a good suggestion for decent bass, amps and accessories? My electric guitars are Ibanez and Schecter and I am pretty happy with them.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

Ibanez SR Prestige (5 or 6 string)
GT10B Effects
Roland KC150 AMP (which I already own and was thinking I could use with the GT10).

Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms???

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Boss bass effects over a guitar amp might sound weird, better get yourself a good solidstate bass amp with~ 150 watts, which is enough for practicing and gigging. And for the bass, get a 4 string and only if youre into downtuned metal go for a 5 string bass. 6 strings are way to much for a beginner...
k i play bass, ive currently only have one bass but im soon to be getting a new one the new bass im looking at is an Ibanez iceman ICB300EX its got a nice thin neck and a sick looking body. as for a 6 string bass....i really just think there over doing it...pretty much everyone ive seen has a ridiculous price tag. 5 stings are really good, the necks are nice i find but on 6 strings the necks is like playing a 2 by 4. 5 strings are really good for metal so if thats what you play i suggest you go for one. and ur amp you should definately go with a really good 150 watt bass amp, i got a peavey TNT 150 and its great, but crate BT1000's sound relly good to but the effects make sure it isnt digital effects they suck....hope that helps ^.^
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Firstly, you don't need effects if you are starting. You may have played guitar before, but you need to start bass from the very basics (including fretting technique) so you don't pick up bad habits that can severly hamper your playing later on.

Secondly, make sure you get a proper bass amp. I know that is a keyboard amp, but it will not be able to handle the low fequencies praticularly well, which could cause speaker damage. At any rate, it doesn't have nearly enough power for jamming witha drummer. 150W is the bare minimum for this with any sort of clean headroom. Commonly recommended amps for this range are the Ashdown MAG 300 (180W basic, 307W with an extension cab) and the Warwick Sweet 15 (150W). Just plya arnound in that sort of power range and get the one that gives a tone you prefer.

For basses, Ibanez are quite good. However, Squire do some very good starter basses. Many consider the vintage modified series better that the MIM Fenders. I know their guitars attract a lot of bad press, but I played an Affinity series Squire Jazz bass for 2 years and have absolutely no regrets at all.

The Bass Forum FAQ has a list of starter basses and amps that have been tried and tested, as well as answering many questions you could have. Gove it a read, and come back if you have any more questions.
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I started out with a 5-string bass, and within a couple of months I went to 6 strings. The argument that "four strings is enough for a beginner" bassist, but a guitarist can begin on 6 strings, implies that bassists are too dumb to play guitar. But in fact, it's easier to understand and handle a 6 string bass than a guitar because every interval is the same.

I own and sometimes play a 7-string bass also, but at that point it's more like a combination bass and baritone guitar; the high strings are good for soloing and chording, not so good for pocket bass playing.

The Ibanez 6-string bass is really excellent - comfortable neck, good Bartolini sound, affordable and high quality for the price. Dinosaur 4-string bass players will probably needle you for "useless" strings; all other musicians will understand and applaud.
For how many strings you get, simply go for whatever you find most comfortable and necessary. Don't go 5/6 string because you feel that it is closer to a guitar. Forget all of that. 5 stringers are BEADG or EADGC and 6 stringer are BEADGC (standard tuning of course). The intervals are not the same, so don't go for what you hope would be 'ease of transition'.

I would probably recommend starting on a 4, not because it is any easier, but more because that is the traditional bass setup, and will help bring you thinking and playing like a bassist, rather than a guitarist who has been given a bass, if you get me. However, if a 5 or 6 fell more natural in your hands, go for it. However, I do doubt it as they have pretty wide necks, which take a fair whille and very good technique to utalise.

Don't feel that a 4 string is limiting. Some bassists do absolutely incredible thing on a 4 string, and can be incredibly creative given the limitations. This also has the side effect of making you appreciate the economy of motion 5 strings plus can give.
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