This is an acoustic song with an AWESOME ending! lol. The whole thing is rather Spanish-sounding, and the ending especially is sexy.

Me and the singer for my band, Cheyne-Stokes (check us out at www.myspace.com/cheynestokes1 ), recorded this on a cassette and turned it in to our Spanish teacher. There's lyrics in Spanish and stuff. They're nonsense stuff, but we didn't have to take the Exam because of this song! We got 100%'s. It was great.

Hope you like it.

Feedback is nice!

wow. the endig was awesome. made me smile. :P great work
Originally Posted by Taiko Taiko
"Sounds like it was made by a telephone"
Thanks man! That's my favorite part of this song. The rest of it's kinda like whatever (although with vocals it comes to life a bit more) but the ending of this song is still one of my favorite solos I've written.
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