I'm looking to buy a new amp, as I currently own a Line 6 Spider III.
It should be very versatile, but especially good for metal (I play all kinds of metal, but also some Carlos Santana stuff).
I can spend up to €700 for a new amp, but have no idea which one to choose & test.
My current guitar is a Squier Strat, but I'm going to buy an Ibanez RG2000-series, the Ibanez S5470 or a PRS SE Custom (maybe with better humbs), so I don't think the guitar will be a problem.
* I also own a Line 6 PODXt Live

Any recommandations?
I think you can find an used Engl Screamer 50 for about 800 euros.
Check out Thomann.de Everything is priced in Euros, delivery over a certain price is free and they have good deals. Obviously try the amps out locally, or buy blind based on RELIABLE reviews from Harmony Central, not t3h m3T4L k!dzzz on UG who think a Marshall MG pwns. Are you gigging with it?

Either way, you could nearly afford this

And you could definitely afford these, although there are other suitable cheaper ones too.
Never even heard of ENGL, but I'll certainly check em out.
Yes, I will be gigging with it