i blew a power tube (i think it's a power tube because both my drive and clean channel were reduced in volume, so it would need to have the preamp tubes for both the drive and clean channel blown otherwise but hey, you never know) but it still works.
it still puts out enough volume for cutting it in a band, and i actually like it better now because i can crank it to 12 as opposed to 3-4.

but my question is, will this hurt the amp or not ?

The V1 tube could also be the issue, since it feeds both channels. A transformer may be the issue but is less likely. Playing it that way probably won't hurt the amp.
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Yeah it could be V1, the phase inverter. Could even be a recfifier tube playing up, but I wouldn't suggest running the amp until you've fitted new power tubes. My amp started losing volume and I assumed the power tubes were on their way out so vowed to get some new ones on the following Saturday. At practice on the friday night, the bloody thing exploded.