I just go one from a freind of mine, and i have no idea how to tune it, or what kind it is (ie soprano, tenor, etc). So yeah, anyone know how i can tell what it is?
I'm guessing it's the same as guitar....?

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It's mostly in the length of the neck really. I forget the exact measurements but of course baritones are longer. Congrats on the ukulele though, I just started playing myself. Very fun instrument.
well the neck is pretty short, 12 fretts. the neck is about 7.5 inches, and the whole thing is around 22 inches
Thanks connor, sounds great. Now I supppose I should learn to play the damn thing.

Bloody difficult, but then again I'm really sh*t.

EDIT: Also, mine is tuned GCEA. Ukes are weird coz the bass strings are in the middle, with the second highest at the top of the neck and the highest at the bottom.

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that's the way I tune, it's alternate, easy to work with though
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There are a couple of "standard" ways to tune ukuleles as far as I know.
Google it.. its a tad hard to find decent sites with tabs and other stuff but there are a couple of good ones

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is the tuning, gratz on your uke!
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