hi guys this is my first try at guitar pro i found it odd at first but i think ive got the hang of it. this is an intro piece with intenet to progress into a full song .
this is quite heavily focused on piano but the song will progress more into guitar.

please have a listen and maybe suggest where to go with which chords scales etc after this, i want the modd of the piece to change into a happier resolution after this intro. most of it is based around the phyrgian scale.

please suggest ideas, thanks
temple ruins.zip
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I like it, it really fits in with the name and sounds like something you'd hear in the background if you ever traveled through some temple ruins in a game (Lara Croft style) though i'm not trying to insult you. You did a good job of giving a erm.. sense of location of the music and it almost tells a story.

Nice work
Well the choir is pretty cool. And the piano is cool at first too. I don't really like the faster arpeggios though, most of them sound kind of off.

After a while, it just started to sound inconsistent and boring. Try to find a theme that you like, then stick with, and add more and more parts.

That's all I can really say, but so far you have a pretty lackluster song. Keep working on it, though.
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