Hey, could someone pls help me with the strumming pattern for this song?

I linked the youtube vid here to listen to the song:
Amy MacDonald - Mr Rock and Roll

The tab (which seems to be right ...) is here:
Mr Rock n Roll - Tab

im not very good at finding out a rythmn or a strumming ... i just love the song and would like to play it =)
well, i've been messing around with it, and for the introduction i play it with the capo on the 7th and strum like this...

hammer the third fret on the high e and release on the next note back to the D, then on the next note pull off to the fingering for D on the G string only, and repeat.

and then for the other chords in the verse and chorus its basically easiest to work out out with the vid, but the way id play it would be like this;
so yeah, basically play the n notes twice as fast as the H and you should be fine...
h n h n h n n
^ (V^) V (^V) ^ (V^) ^^^ change chord and repeat...

thats just how i play it, but got the original from here;
i just find it works better, but thats got more detail to it so if im wrong thats definitely the correct one...
sorry for the wall of text, hope it helps!
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