My friend keeps asking me if Cherry wood would be good for a guitar body. I'm sick of him asking me. So tell me, would it be good?
If its properly dried then I think it can yeah.

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I wonder how it would sound? I had another friend say that if mahogany can be used, as hard as it is, then surely you could use cherry wood.
I have a 12 string that has cherry back and sides, but I don't know what it would be like in solidbody form...probably not bad at all. There's lots of people making tele's out of pine, cedar, and others like Ikea shelving laminated together, so there's no reason why cherry wouldn't do the trick. I say tell him to go for it.
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it could be good. what defines good for you? looks? weight? hardness, softness? grain? tonal properties?

what sort of cherry wood? lol. which species?

I was hinting at that you were a bit vague in your post. and the fact that you could have searched up all your answers on the net easily and with less time involved than waiting for us to do it for you.

Just like other woods, there are nicknamed woods called cherry, but their not cherry. Who knows what you're really using? search.

I had a seagull C12, cherry back and sides. but that's much thinner than a whole electric guitar body.
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my acoustic has cherry sides and back

sounds good and smells nice

Well, I know he doesn't like heavy guitars weight-wise. And he wants it to sound heavy when it's heavy, and lite when it's lite. He doesn't play with an amp most of the time so it has to resonate nicely.
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