Has anyone else noticed that if you google search the word guitar in regular or image search,most of your hits will be guitar hero screenshots or stories? Sad thing really. I'm not dissing guitar hero, i have 3 of them, i just think it's a little out of line for a video game to replace the real thing... anyone who has seen the South Park Episode of Guitar Quero knows it will be a sad day when club owners have to pay people to play guitar hero co op mode on their tvs cuz no one can play the real thing. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
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I dont play videogames.
I dont see the hype in a videogame.
Im sure its fun but it cant replace the real thing.
Yeah I notied that before. It sucks. I hate guitar hero.
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that was a funny episode:P
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From my studies, I have concluded that approximately 1/9 of images that appear on the first page when the word "Guitar" is Googled are somewhat related to Guitar Hero.
I don't know why every guitarist hates that game. I play guitar, and I've played that game before..its actually pretty fun. do I like it better than picking up a real guitar? no. Is it a good replacement for the real thing? no, of course not. That doesn't mean its not a fun game to play, and face your non guitar playing friends in.
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I just did it and while there are a few guitar hero hits, they are far out numbered by the proper guitar links.


I never really understood what the fuss was all about anyway. It's certainly not like people assume that guitar hero and real guitar are the same or even comparable, at least the ones who have a correctly functioning brain don't. It's a nice game, sure, but it has come and it will go, so I don't feel the need to constantly complain about it.