now i've got an excellent epi LP and play only electric guitar so these 2 babes have to go:
Sakura acoustic guitar.Japan-made

have minor scratches.great sweet sound.built-in pickup & battery-powered preamp.gig bag included.i'm asking for $200 from it

Greco Les Paul 1979

a vintage guitar!!the hardware is all original.the knobs and mount rings are a bit loose.many minor scratches.have screw holes made by pickguard but the pickguard is lost.the strap is screwed to the body but can easily be removed without causing damage .
i'll let it go for $400.including a gig bag.however it's a good idea to buy a hard case for shipping

all prices are negotiable.

AND i'm glad to trade these 2 guitars for a decent s/s/s Fender Strat with maple neck in ABSOLUTELY WHITE finish (not ivory-like "vintage white" i must insist )or a Jackson RR (if your RR is at a higher price i'll pay extra)

e-mail me your postal/zip code for shipping rate.i'll have FedEx handle the shipping.Paypal only.

my e-mail: duncan_the_shredder@yahoo.com
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.....you may trade your fender strat with my greco only and i'll pay the exceeding money......
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i may accept some decent pedals or amp (plus my cash) to replace my cube60 (a Marshall AVT 20 or 50 may be a good idea).just make an offer
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hmmm any give on the lp, and would you consider trades?, unless you know something about greco that i don't 400 for something that beat up is a bit high, and most people on UG seem to hate guitars that look worn, however, i love it , let me know
Trade the LP for a Schecter Damien FR w/ gold trem?
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there must be a fault.i haven't got any message so far.bump again.
a free hardcase for the LP is added!!
want to trade an almost mint iPod photo for the Greco?
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a nice guitar it is, kha02a.however, i'm looking for solid body only.forgot to tell you guys in advance.thnx anyway.
Is the greco (i dont care about the sakura) still available. Would you be interested in this
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