I am currently having guitar lessons, and my teacher suggested that a good way of practicing is to use a loop pedal.

I have had a look and the current favourite is the Akai E2 Headrush @ around £95. Are there any ones cheaper than this that are worth having? The Akai does seem to have alot of additional features, other than the loopyness, that probably boost the price up.

Cheers folks.
For practicing you need to be able to save phrases, so a Jamman or an RC-2/20XL would be better.

The RC20XL would be better suited for live performance due to alternate end phrase modes, other than that both either the BOSS of Digitech should suffice.

The Headrush would be good for some live improvisational stuff, but I would not use if for practice.
I got the Boss RC-2 Loop Station and I really like it. It cost me $185 Canadian (not sure how much that is in Pounds, sorry). You can record a total of 16 minutes on it. It's pretty easy to use and it sounds great. Its also got built-in drum beats which are kind of useful. Nice easy undo function too. Good buy
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Hmmmmm, I have just seen a demo of the Akai Headrush on youtube and it looks pretty good, but you think the Boss RC2 would be better for practising?

I am basically looking to create a backing track to play along with.