I have a floyd rose equipped guitar. I see the EVH D-tuna for sale (which allows you to go to dropped D with a single push). When I wanna go to drop D, I just move the fine tuner down to D, simple as that. Why would you need a D-tuna unless you are switching mid songs? Is something there don't see?
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What I'm saying is that some don't even go down to D, the D-Tuna seems to be the answer in that situation.

Plus, i think it would be easier to flip a switch than to twist a little knob and tune.
it depends on where the fine tuner was while installing the strings. I had mine in the middle (followed the directions on the Floyd Rose site), and it won't go down to D either.
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You must have your low fine tuner almost completely loosened to do so...

Most don't keep their fine tuners like that. Usually they are more towards the mid range so that tuning can be adjusted in either direction if needed... Also, there are some very minor playability issues when your tuners are either tightened or loosened to the extreme..

Also, I second that it's much easier to flip a switch than use a fine tuner to drop tune a string... I also believe that the D-Tuna is designed to maintain tuning stability with the other strings when the low string is slackened...
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