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These are some lyrics I wrote when I was bored in Algebra II. It's my first lyrics I'm posting here. Tell me what you think, and I'll crit yours too.

I’m falling apart inside, I’m tripping over the air
I put my sense aside, never knew that I’d be ensnared
And I have overestimated myself as I was sent crashing to the ground
I was searching for questions without answers, I was looking for something that can’t be found...

I’d never (even think of hurting you)
I’d never (cause you still mean everything to me)
I’d never (put myself before you)
I’ll never (dream of your face again)

No I never did anything to you to make you hate me like you do
Or do you hate me? Do you love me? Seems I’ll never know the truth
And I am trapped in my own mind, a life without you can’t be right
Let’s burn this house down, free my mind, I’ll kid myself to be alright

Seems just yesterday, you said you gave me the key to your heart
But right now the mere memory is tearing me apart
I’ll keep this memorabilia if you insist
And I’ll hold it forever close to me and let it fall across my wrists

It seems that love has jagged teeth
Teeth that can slice right through my skin
As long as you force me to breathe
You will fill my thoughts again

Cheers, mates