Ok, pickup is going in a strat style guitar with a single humbucker in the bridge. Ash body (i think), maple neck and fretboard.

Stuck between a DiMarzio X2N or a Seymour Duncan Invader.

I thought i'd ask you guys, as i have heard alot about the Invader being very muddy.

Style of music being played is Pop-punk/punk rock.
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Try a Seymour JB..thats pretty tasty..or the Custom. more well rounded and versatile. The invader is meant for pretty high levels of gain...not really the sound you are after.

I may be a bit biased though as I can;t stand Dimarzio pickups...I have them in my Universe and they suck...
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I would go with the DiMarzio. IMO, Dimarzios are just plain better than duncans. I also think that the invader is very harsh sounding and muddy, but the dimarzio x2n is harsh sounding as well. I think that you might want to check into the dimarzio super distortion
have a look at the duncan jb
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I wouldn't get either of those. Look into a seymour duncan Sh5 custom or the sh11 custom custom instead.
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