Well, good thing is, I actually used the search bar.

I actually have two questions, first, on this guitar here, (The Fender Floyd Rose Strat, for those too lazy to click), is it an Original or a liscensed Floyd? I can't find anywhere where it says specifically Original, or liscensed, which leads me to believe it's licensed.

As for my second question, on my LTD M-1000 [It's an original floyd system], I'm having a problem :[ I'm not sure if it's because of the tremolo arm, or if it's the actual place where I insert the tremolo arm. Point being, when I bought the guitar, I could get the arm to stay put, stay where I wanted it. Now, I can't prevent it from flying around all the time. It's also really loose, and it can't be tightened anymore, but I can't use it for anything remotely subtle, I can pretty much only do extravagant dives or raises, due to it's looseness. So, for the actual question part; can I buy a new arm, and be safe with that purchase, or should I take into the local luthier, and see what he can do for me?

Thanks in advance
I'm not sure about the Strat, but there are several places that sell replacement tremolo arms. A quick Google search should bring up several of them.
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Well, I know I can purchase one, that's not an issue by any means. It's just a matter of wheither or not it's necessary. The 20 dollars or so it'd cost me with shipping to order one, is 4 sets of strings I could buy, you know? I hate to sound cheap, but I've made quite a few big purchases lately, and definitely am running pretty low