so my band is trying to get a demo recorded without the use of a studio (dont lecture, i know it'll be amateur in comparison), but what i need to know is the best type of multi-track recorder to use for a live one time recording. we are gonna mic up all of the instruments and just lay it down.

any suggestions?

keep in mind we're ballin' on a budget here fellas. thanks
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If u got a computer, I'd record using software on that, it'll end up way cheaper than buying a multi track.
computer is a no go... band mates are old school and want to do it live all mic'ed up.

can the line 6 do drums well?
...even when i'm sleepin' i'm keepin' it real.
There's no real cheap alternative if you want decent quality. Get an interface (like the line 6 toneport mentioned above or a M Audio fast track) and then run it through your computer to sowftware for recording.
You can multi-mic a pc - use the PA to take the mics from sound to source, then run the pa's output into the computer via the interface. Cha ching.
If you buy an inline mixer or sound card with a bunch of inputs then u can record onto your computer as if it were a multi-track..only much more powerful. Tascam make outboard soundcards with both 1/4 inch and xlr inputs...

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you can mic your amps and run it into the computer, that's what Id o
okay, we have decided to take an old computer that he has in the back room and fix it up and dedicate it solely to recording our music.

that being said, i need to get some recommendations on what i need to record drums, guitar, bass and vocals with decent quality.

sound card
audio interface
mixing programs


also, if possible we are going to want to record drums through this as well, so i will need a decent amount of inputs i imagine

is it possible to run all of the intruments through the pa sound board and then into the computer via a 1/4" output? im grasping at straws here, lol

what would you recommend and how should i go about doing this? i know, im a noob, but thanks for the help.
...even when i'm sleepin' i'm keepin' it real.
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