i usually play stuff like thrash/death/prog metal [megadeth, in flames, between the buried and me, arsis, the faceless, morbid angel, dream theater].

but i also play fusion jazz stuff.[pat metheny, steve vai, greg howe, andy timmons]

i need an amp that will cover all of those tones [tube perferred]

im thinking of a dual rec, jsx, or a 6505+.
and i tried the egnater tourmaster the other day and it sounds pretty nice

any suggestions?
Those amps you listed are more then enough for metal. But if you want good distortion and great clean, I'd look into some Rivera stacks for comparison if you can.
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get the JSX man, its got a good clean, great crunch and amazing distortion. and it sounds good with the volume turned down, it sounds better with it cranked. 120 watts all tube, what else could you need? lol (ok, some reverb would be nice, but you cant have it all)
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ive only tried the combo, not the head. but i dont think theres much of a difference in sound.

what about the randall mod series?
does anyone have feedback on that?