I'm in a money bind and I'm not sure what to get first a new amp for my electric or a new acoustic guitar. Both my electric amp and my acoustic are crap but I can only get one now and one in about a year.

the amp would be a fender blues junior (or something along those lines)

and the new acoustic I would need to play it to make an actual decision

So I come to UG to ask for help on the decision

P.S. I use my acoustic and electric equally so
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Depends on whether your in a band and gig and stuff or not. If so than get an amp, if not than go for a new acoustic
If you have a nice electric I'd say get a new amp first, you don't want a good guitar going to waste because of a bad amp. Plus, a bad amp can really kill your electric playability, whereas even crappy acoustics are usually bearable (unless by crappy you mean you made it in a second grade art class out of paper mache).
AMP definitely...the Blues JR is a sweet amp. Old roomate had one. Buying a new amp will give you the most change to your sound.
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I'm not i a band band but i jam with a group of people regularly. Also by crappy acoustic I mean all scratched up bad workmanship and someone painted it with oil paint somewhere along the line

and by bad amp i mean... it pains me to say this ... MG
I smile because I have no idea whats goin on