Ok i really want to have a good amp to play blues and classic rock. I like playing John Mayer, SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, Slash, and BB King. Im looking into a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or a Traynor but i don't kno which Traynor would be best for my style of playing? Which amp do you guys thing would helo me get the tone im looking for? It can be these two amps or you can suggest another amp but i don't want to spend too much. If it is expensive then i will try to look for it on ebay used.
idk know Traynor. I've never played them. But I DO know that Hot Rod can pull off all of those musicians(i don't really know what Mayer's tone is though). And they're also great for even high-end recording scenarios.
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you could do that with a traynor or a fender
play them both
then pick
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Well, I hear nothing but good things about the Traynor YCV50 from around these boards. As far as I can tell they are very "marshally".
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the Traynor YCV 50 BLUE has a V30 in it and EL84? tubes

It sounds more marshally than the YCV 40 which sounds more modern
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