I didnt know if I should put it in the promote your band forum, so i'll just do it here.

so recently my friends and i have put together a band. the only problem is, the rhythm guitarist (who happened to have the idea for it isnt that good. he cant really keep up. I'm the bassist, but i could easily cover rhythm guitar, or at least the songs we're doing (we're playing easy aerosmith, ac/dc, guns n roses, velvet revolver, etc...). So far we've gotten about 3 easy songs down in 3 songs (back in black, dream on, tnt) but he has trouble with it. the lead guitarist has played guitar for 2 years, I have played bass for 2 years and guitar for a year, the drummer has only been playing drums for a few months but is divinely inspired and our vocalist has been singing since last year september. what should we do? the problem gets worse because the vocalist is really close with the rhythym guitarist, and might leave if he is forced to, and there isnt really anyone else we can get to sing as well. also, we're all really close friends, and none of us want to hurt his feelings or **** up our friendship over music. I just dont think he's ready for it yet, but when school starts back up in september after summer break this year he probably will be. i dont think we can just kick him out. THe lead guitarist and I were discussing me switching to rhythm and him to bass, because its a little easier, especially for teh songs we've worked on so far, but we're not to sure because you need a good sense of timing and internal beat for bass when playing live, and we're not sure if he can manage that either.
thanks for that link, theres no real leader but i've been taking most of the responsibility, setting up practice times good for everyone, etc....
alright i'll repost this there then.

thing is i dont think he will do that, i dont think he realizes how hes not keeping up, and we dont wanna point it out cuz he has a short temper.
Are you guys selling millions of records or something? Cuz' kicking somebody out of your garage band for sucking is unheard of, especially if you're all good friends. Best thing is to let him know that he's lacking and maybe he'll spend more time practicing.
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