i have a les paul and have palm muting and lead problems ( to pick on the low E string from the 10 fret down etc..) with holding the guitar when i stand. i wanna keep it nice and low. like zakk wylde or slash

can someone help?
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damn.. i like morello..but he looks so.... strange with his guitar up to his neck
Well, Morello looks a bit strange anyway. He doesn't exactly look like your typical rock 'n' roller.

But yeah. Don't hold your guitar a certain way just for the sake of it. Find the position that is most comfortable and playable for you.

For me, I find the best position for bass is around my knees, for Les Pauls I have around an inch higher than basses at about the lower half of my thigh, for SGs and super-Strats I need it about waist height and for regular Strats I need it about stomach-height. These are the most comfortable positions for me, for each instrument. Other people (i.e. you) might/will be totally different. Just because I play bass hanging down at my knees, doesn't mean it's wrong/right or any more/less cool than other people who play with it up in their armpit. It's just the position for me that's most comfortable.

And that's what you should aim for. You'll be 'cooler' if you're playing well and fluidly, than if you're struggling to play anything because you put your guitar in a 'cool' position which your body can't work with properly.
It's the same with anything you want to learn for guitar. You have to start easy (think angus here, nice and high) and work your way down low as your get more comfortable.
Playing your guitar properly is cooler than sounding awful but having your guitar slung low.

Anywho, you'll notice alot of them have to rest their feet on monitors and stuff when they're playing complicated stuff...seems like a lot of hassle to go to just to look like you might be in Sum 41.
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if u watch all the real shredders all there guitars tend to be a lil higher like stomach area ie malmsteen, oli herbert, petrucci, the list goes on