over the summer when i get the money i plan on buying an amp and a guitar. i think i have settled on the tiny terror but still need opinions for a guitar. i came across the rickenbacker dakota but am not sure how that will sound. I play a little bit of eveything form blues to 80's metal. Hardest i will go is metallica. Would this guitar be a good buy? any other suggestions for good guitar?
Free Mumia
Rickenbacker's sound like **** with anything heavier then a light rock, it wouldn't do metal well
it doesn't necesarilly have to do metal well. i play a large variety of music styles, most classic rock stuff like hendrix. I also play a lot of rage against the machine, oasis sounding stuff. I am just saying that i dont plan on it being any harder than metallica if that.
Free Mumia
Like one vision said, they have a pretty distinct sound. But you can probably go up to slightly hard rock. There's no way in hell a Rick is going to do metal (at least stock).