decent melody, but the singer isn't very good.
guitar is done well
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I disagree.
That was pretty good.
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It's hard, annoying, and makes you want to punch a baby.

...With regards to guitar building, so get your mind out of the gutter you!
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decent melody, but the singer isn't very good.
guitar is done well

meh. great guitar. singer, decent. try to stay away from vox effects. if he isn't good without them, dump him.


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Nice guitar, the singer isn't too bad, but the vocal effects were a bit distracting and unneeded.
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thanks. I agree about the effects. but everyone voted on keeping them.

(I was the guitar )
What about my black metal band :P Listen to it and at least have a laugh :P
I also agree that the singing could lose the effects but it was still good. I like the guitar alot. Overall very good listen. Crit mine in my profile?
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