recently said i would be getting a toneport ux2 , but would i be able to record drums on it and if not , how would i be able to go about recording drums?

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get a mixer with enough channels and aux out to the toneport. Toneports are great, i used one for the recording on my profile. all miced amps.
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you can, i recommend using a Condensder mic, which goes straight in that.
I heartily recommend the UX2
How perfect do you want the drums to sound? If you want a rough sound, then go with a decent condenser mic and place it roughly around the centre of the kit, fairly midd le of the road job up. Not in the bass drum. You don't want it to high so that it picks up the snare and symbals to much (the highs) but you don't want it too low so that you only recieve the Kick drum.

But if you want to go fancy, I'd suggest loads of SM58's! Eight of them should be enough. Place them at an angle towards each piece. The high-hat should be placed closer to the mic to pick up the tinny sound better. While the crash, ride, splash, etc, should be a little further away as they are very loud in themselves and sound better with a little room, reverb.

I couldn't tell you the best mics for each piece, I forgot everything that I learned on that when I was in Sound Engineering college!