i am about to acquire an omen 6 schecter guitar body and i was wondering about a couple of things before i buy.

1. does the parts have to be exactly schecter parts to make it complete? im having a hard time trying to find the neck to go with it so i need to know any replacement parts i can get for it.

2. what can i do to make the build interesting enough to sell it good on ebay?

3. is this even a good guitar to go with?

4. and what are the specs on this kind of guitar?

mostly i need help with the parts like finding them and stuff.
well it wont sell very well,its an omen-6, nothing can change that. its kind of a crappy guitar, but its not a squier or anything. you should probably look at like harmony-central, or schecters website, before coming here.

you can probably get most of your parts, including a neck for it, from guitarfetish.com
is schector a clone of something? i think i saw a yamaha that looked similar to it?
so there is no way to find a neck replacement besides the origianl neck from an omen?