Well this a pen about something that annoys me. Hope it makes sense!

"Mornin', how you doing?"
says the employee to the boss.
Gets some tea
Sits back down
Is there a question here or not?

"Cold in here ain't it?"
says the doorman to the suit.
Nods a smile
Enters lift
Was that a question then or what?

"Evenin', how you keeping?"
says the barman to the drunk.
Pours a drink
Pockets change
Its a question soon forgot.

Why waste my time?
Why waste your time?
If you want to know just ask me
But if you don't care
If I'm even there
Then your manners are just pure rudeness.
Quote by philjay
*Picks up TT like handbag and smacks you over the head like an angry granny *
Try that with your rocker 30

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