What are some good acoustic songs (or songs that can be played on acoustics) to play together with another person?

Me and my brother play acoustic guitar, and I usually play solo stuff like Andy McKee, while he plays Rhythm songs and sings.

We would like to start playing together, and I would like some recommendations for songs to play together!

Skill Level does not matter. We are both pretty good.

I also have an electric so it could be a song with acoustic rhythm, electric solo like Jessica by The Allman Brothers.
say it aint so by weezer

i play it acoustic with one other guy

two cool parts with some good solos
If you don't play Tenacious D, I will kill you. With an acoustic guitar. Emblazoned with a big ass JB.
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Thanks everyone. I'll check it out..

Yeah, chris.. I forgot about Tenacious D! We both listen to them..
Yo Riley,

My bandmate Darren and I play acoustic shows all of the time as a duo, where we both play acoustics and both sing.

If you're doing the solo/lead thing, and he's playing rhythm and singing, I HIGHLY recommend you check out "Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Luther College".... really really awesome acoustic stuff there! (Also a great inspiration for those of us trying to make other popular songs sound great with two acoustics)
blind melon - no rain

great song for two guitars

easy rhythm guitar part, lead guitar is really easy except the solo is a little tough....but if you can't hit every part of the solo just improve ...i believe it is in Dmaj (don't hold me to that)
Thanks to both of you!

We love Dave Matthews, and we both listen to Blind Melon A TON!
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