okay so a month or two ago i went out to look for a nice guitar to start with and i ending up geting a pawn shop guitar in great condition no chips, scratches, in near perfect condtion and it was made by fender(starcaster). ok so now to the help when im playing on my amp (peavey bandit 65) or just messing around with no amp. my E and A strings twang and vibrate with out me even touching them you cant here it until you plug the amp in though and it makes that really high picth annoying noise that gets really loud. im not sure why it never did it until one of two of these thing could have done it
1. new regular slinky ernie balls
2. i hit it against my wall pretty hard and it might be the truss rod
but want some expert advice if anyone could help
might need to adjust your action a little

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eh, its probably just the guitar. my friend had one, and it wasnt even good enough for firewood.
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might be the new strings.. some people don't like the twang that a pair of brand new strings have.. play for a few days, it might go away.
Haha, I agree with Trapman. Just some expensive firewood. Hope you didn't pay too much for that guitar because it's not really a fender and they sell those at Sam's club. I used to work at a pawn shop and believe me, they will sell you anything
Quote by Trapman870
eh, its probably just the guitar. my friend had one, and it wasnt even good enough for firewood.

it not that its a bad guitar its just not my fault im broke my dad want me to learn to play a cheap one before he helps me buy a nice

and yah ill try breaking in the strings before touching the action
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