I'm going to buy a new acoustic guitar and I've narrowed it down to the

Ibanez AEL20E


Yamaha FG730S

Which would you suggest and why?

I've played both and love them and I was going to order the Ibanez, but then I read it wasn't a solid top and how important it was too have that feature. So now I'm leaning towards the Yamaha, I realize its not acoustic-electric but I don't plan on using the electric feature anyway. I love the looks of the Ibanez so much! but if it comes down to performance and looks I'll take performance.

Thanks! Any input is welcomed.
I own the Yamaha, and it is a lovely guitar for the money. The ibanez won't sound as nice or be as well-made, without the electric feature that guitar would retail for a lot less. If you're not using the electrics go for the Yamaha, it really is very nice.
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