Anyone got questions for Silverstein or A Day To Remember? I am interviewing them tomorrow night for the site. Thanks in advance!
To Silverstein- What were some artists that inspired music creativity in the studio, and when you where younger.
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"I can't believe you didn't dress up. You're the weirdest guy on this shift."
I said "I was gonna dress like your mom, but I didn't feel like growing a beard".
for a day to remember- what bands are they currently listening to? What can we expect from them in 08
I would make this thread in Pop-Punk and Emo, you'll get a much better response in there than from the majority of the people in the Hardcore forums considering these are more pop-rock bands with some screaming.
haha, this is the second version of this thread already, but ya ill make one there as well
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For A day to remember,

Where and how did you get the idea to cover Since you've been gone?

Alot of people cover Sine You've Been Gone way before ADTR. I saw a local band do it like 3 years ago and my band did it almost 2 years ago and it wasn't anything original back then.