I can play scales and sixteenth note runs for so long and then my picking stability just goes to hel and I can't play sixteenth notes at all! Is there any way to stable it up?

I don't really anchor because I drag my arm but is that the problem? My arm rests on the body and I drag it across the body as I go from the lower to higher strings.
If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong

Dragging = nononononono

And anchoring is keeping your arm attached to the guitar, which is what you're doing; not anchoring is a floating arm which does take time to get down so the speeds there (because it's using muscles you've never used before for that activity)

Even practice is also key, for speed, burst training is good where you play as fast as you can for a while then stop and relax but also do it at a slower pace wit ha metronome to get your arm in the muscle memory mode where it's used to going evenly at that speed then build it up etc

EDIT: Also sounds like you're really tensing up, you need to be loose as can be, no residual tension in any of your body and not between the thumb and finger in your picking hand; there's loads of pages o nthis site in the lessons bit about tension and correct positioning they'd do anyone the world of good to read through them, they did for me
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