hey guys. i've searched through a bunch of threads regarding the song Snow by the red hot chili peppers.

anyways i've read a couple of suggestions saying that the intro should be done using alternate picking. does that just mean d u d u d u d u strokes?

the way i'm playing it right now is just downpicking the first three notes, seeing as i'm just picking the A->D->G strings in a row.

so what are the advantages of alternate picking?
can the hand can make faster and more precise movements picking single strings in alternate directions than it can by picking three strings next to each other in the same direction?
could somebody please explain the theory behind alternate picking to me? and any tips on playing this song are greatly welcomed! i can only play around .8 of its normal speed and i can't seem to improve! thanks in advance.
(by the way, sorry if this has already been asked.)
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for me alternate picking makes that notes clearer and its easier to do esp for this song. If I had to use all downstrokes at this speed it would sound almost like sweep picking. I think it comes down to what works for you and sounds good to your ears. I find it sounds good when I alternate picking most of this song and hammer and pull the fast lick .
Upstrokes are good for changing direction, so for that song I'd go: d d u d u d u d d u... etc