Im loking for a >=15W amp it must be cheap but i want the best i can get i guess from 100 buck or something what u got? im thinking of a
line 6 spider III 15
crate flexwave 15W 12"
Kustom 12gauge 15w

which one of this or a brand new option
For what genres?
Either way it's going to be a Roland Cube or Vox Valvetronix that you get recommended.
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What Yngwi3 said, or the Crate you mentioned.
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Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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i'd go with the spider, i mean you cant possibly be playing shows with a 15 watt amp anyway, spiders are great for practice, you got a couple effects to mess around with, you got clean, distortion, it works.

but when your looking for a serious amp DONT EVEN THINK about getting a bigger spider

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How's the used gear/pawn shop situation by you? $100 ain't gonna buy much unless you get lucky. And luck usually takes some footwork.
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